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Now enjoy the cheapest Bulk SMS services from a leading consultancy in Jalandhar. Find a solution to your search for a reliable bulk message service provider in Punjab. Winx Designer is a leading SEO and website designer. It also deals with various messaging services like transactional and promotional bulk SMS. Now you can get connected with your customers or can promote your products with minimum cost and efforts. The computerised message sending will help you to make your messaging service fast and simple. Our message sending services bring along 24X7 customer support and guaranteed delivery.

Bulk messaging is the fastest method of reaching information to hundreds of people within groups of your customers, visitors, or audience just within a minute. With our services, you can easily send SMS using online way to any mobile number in the country. The procedure provided by us are very simple and gives you speed and quality at the same time. No more heavy SMS charges to send messages to countless cell numbers.

Bulk Messaging Services

We offer the most widely used bulk message gateway services in India:

Promotional Bulk SMS

Any kind of promotional activity for your product of business need the promotional messaging service. You can easily notify all your clients about your upcoming products and services or seminars or events like exhibitions and meetings.

Transactional Bulk SMS

Send instant messages any group of clients, users or members of your business or organization. Transactional SMS are generally used by schools, banks, sellers, and ticket booking agents. You can send different messages to different mobile numbers just with a hit on your PC or laptop. The transactional messages can be sent to DND as well Non DND numbers.

Features of our Bulk Messaging Solution

Our services are easily accessible on all the devices at any time while online. The customised options to choose your specific requirement are available at different price range. Choose your plan as per your own need and stay relaxed about keeping your users updated on your products and necessary information. Here are some best advantages of choosing us as your bulk SMS service provider in Jalandhar:

1. Instant setup – Our process is simple and gives you your required package instantly. You will be sending messages instantly after contacting us for the software.

2. Speed – We provide the rapid bulk SMS gateway. Within a couple of seconds, you will be reaching your customers with updates and notifications.

3. Affordable price – Our high quality services with customer support is available at the cheapest rates. Hire our services without adversely affecting your cost.

4. Customer support – In the case of any issue, we are just a call away. A complete support to fix the problem will be offered upon a simple request.

Contact us for your need of online bulk messaging service. Our end to end bulk SMS solution will help you to keep your organization responsive and running. The messaging service provided by us will help you sending messages to the multiple users with the super easy interface. The service allows you to reach your customers easily for intimating any information quickly. Improve the strength of your business by hiring bulk SMS services of Winx Designers.

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