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Website development is a broad concept associated with web content development, scripting, configuration and others. It is mainly a non-design part of work that deals with developing the site for the online world. With all the large and small organizations having their websites, all the information is now available online. Most of the commercial units promote their products and services through their website. We serve individuals, small sized, medium sized, and bigger commercial units with our website developing services in Jalandhar. After the initial creation of your web design, the website is used for updates, placements, reviews, new postings, social network usage, for creating memberships, and many other things.

Winx Provides professional Web Development and maintenance services. We provide complete front-end and back-end development in the latest technologies. If you want to design Dynamic Website, then we'll provide you admin panel of your website and you can add your own products and services on your website.

We start by getting to know about our clients requirements and their businesses and also getting to know about clients goals, vision and mission. We are professional and experienced developers that work to develop the websites. Our goal is to sincerely deliver and best possible experience to our clients.

CMS – Content Management System

Your site is an integral part of your marketing plan. Your plan will be shaped by us using the most advanced programming tools. Using the best content management system for you, we ensure a constant updating. Our team is well versed with the latest versions of the top popular CMS platforms. The WordPress solutions delivered by us are highly functional. The open source blogs and RSS feed like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and others are employed by our team. Through our high-end results, we are exponentially growing to become one of the top web development company in Punjab state.

Website Maintenance

With the online commercialization, site maintenance is established as a major industry. We develop our mission after understanding your vision thoroughly. Through website development and maintenance, we provide you pages to help in your SEO oriented efforts. You may also contact us for expansion and development of your existing websites.

Under our website maintenance services, we provide regular updates and clean up. Upgrades and optimization will be done as per your requirements. The customer support provided by us will ensure that your site remains maintained properly.

Why choose us your Website Developer

Winx Designer offers lowest best prices in Jalandhar for timely service of web developing. The customers enjoy benefits of skilful and talented services at very affordable rates.

• Ultimate layout with faster development process
• Quality checks and test-driven development
• Quicker user-friendly habits
• Easy-to-use features
• Simple installation process
• Cheapest prices for site development and maintenance

We build several types of websites on the basis of your business, your customer base, market, and target audience. Our professional teamwork ensures that every solution developed at Winx Designer bring tangible results for you.

Our Website Development Services

Get the finest progressive website development service from a team of talented graphic designers, programmers, and creative directors.

The available web development services involve PHP development, JAVA, HTML, AJAX, ASP.Net development, and others. Following the most popular CMS, we tailor-made our solutions to meet your individual needs. To reiterate, the web development services are listed below:

• CMS Integration
• WordPress
• Drupal
• Joomla
• AMS and CRM integration
• CRM Strategy
• CRM customization
• Data Migration
• Search Integration

We also offer E-commerce solutions, Template Designing, Facebook page management and other social media management services. Our packages for complete designing, web development, SEO, and maintenance are also very budget-friendly. The best prices meet quality and never failing customer support at our web developing service in Jalandhar.

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