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After remaining aloof from one another for a quite long, finally website designing, website development and SEO services are being looked from a joint perspective. And it’s the high time to inculcate an understanding that website designing is not just restricted to create pretty designs and adding colours to the sites. Find out interesting facts and analysis on significance of co-relating website designing and SEO services. The relation which was not very friendly so far is interestingly developing towards a positive way, much to the privilege of the website owners. The main crux is, while SEO works towards attracting people to visit the site, the designing part works towards holding on people to its website through its impressive patterns, silo structure and striking contents.

Read on further to know the exact areas of Website Designing and SEO services with some extremely useful tips to strike balance between these two facets of website development. Some proven research shows that majority of the websites which are designed extremely beautifully are poor on SEO part. Hence, just having pretty site is just worthless if people are unable to find it. That is where exactly need of online marketing, website development and SEO arises.

Works and Features of a Good Website Designing

A perfect website should be created in terms of SEO besides in terms of aesthetics. It should be fulfilling following aspects to be good as a piece of designing as well as an SEO driven site:

• Appealing and polished look and layout to attract viewers at a first sight

• Internal linking structure (in spite of just presenting the content of the websites)

• Content should be keyword oriented to bring the customers to the site

• Images and animations used should be expressive of the business to help customers to know at once that they are at the right online place

• Easy Functionality & usability which will make any site very user-friendly or easy to operate and navigate it for required information.

• Appropriate coding and page download time

Any website with perfect designing is incomplete without proper considerations while employing the linking structure and contents of the anchor text, labels and titles.

Best Tips for Website Development

It is extremely significant to strike a balance between website designing and SEO which results in an overall consequence of website development.

1. Homepage of any business website needs to be in accordance with the SEO and it plays a key role in increasing the number of visitors to the site. The use of all primary and secondary keywords at the homepage with appropriate linking to the additional webpages will be extremely helpful to attract the traffic the page.

2. The homepage should be introducing visitor thoroughly to your business including Who you are, What you are, What you do and How to get in touch with you.

3. Never forget to give linking at the homepage for the inner contents or posts which are the best ones and popular or very useful.

4. Images should be well supporting the content of the site and should be tagged proper keywords to increase the visibility of the site.

5. Make sure the contents covered at the site are keyword oriented with proper density.

SEO is a value added service focussed towards high-ranking of the site to increase its visibility to the users. It works through various tactics including back-linking, keyword optimization, referral linking, guest posting etc. Moreover, if you are a designer, you can extend your services to the area of web development and SEO services. This will result in widening your network of services and increasing overall customers to your business. Except beautification, an SEO friendly website designing is the need of the time, when online marketing, presence at social media and higher visibility are essential for development of the site.

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